Mildly Unsettling

Hubby was keen on starting a family. He was very clear about it. He loved kids and couldn’t wait to have one of our own. Although I love kids I wasn’t as enthused as he was.  I wanted to have a job simultaneously.

One year into marriage and I didn’t show any sign of conceiving hubby thought it was time to see a doc, for me. My periods had become irregular. They were always painful right from my school days. I dreaded my periods. I have missed college on my first day, many days.

The first Ob-Gyn that we saw told us to first learn to enjoy our sex life and not worry only about baby making. Children will happen eventually, they will grow up and go away. It’s you two who have to live together always. Learn to enjoy each other’s company.  You are still young, stop worrying.


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