Of Loss

What a long, tiring journey this has been… I have experienced many challenges in life but nothing is as big as infertility. I remember 12 years ago when my father was diagnosed with cancer at an advanced stage. He told me he was sorry he couldn’t do much for me. And he also said that if you can experience this you can face any challenge in your future. And I had said that it would be a very expensive lesson.

One month later he breathed his last. I was devastated. And so was my mother. She was a strong woman until that time. She would cry often and become depressed. I was just out of college and hadn’t got a job. It took me several months to get over my father’s loss. Sometimes even now  I miss him. When I am looking for good advice I miss him very much. What would he have said I wonder. What words of wisdom would he have had for me at this juncture?


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