The search

Finding a job wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. After all I had good grades and a technical qualification. But my mind was unsettled. I wanted to move to a different city in search of a job. I wanted my mother to also go with me. Few years after father died we did move. I got a job though not exactly my dream job. But it was something to keep me engaged.

I did a course and started searching again for a job more suitable to my qualification. What a rat race it was ! The job market and eventually the workplace. Survival of the fittest indeed !  I was so happy when I did land a job in a huge MNC!

Parallel to my job search was the search for a husband ! I must have seen at least 40 guys over a period of 4 years. None of them felt right. But it was an experience meeting different types of people from different economic and social backgrounds. My mother was getting impatient as the years flew by and nothing panned out.

Finally I met this wonderful man and had a dream wedding! All the new clothes, jewellery and gifts that I got made me wonder why didn’t I marry sooner! I left my job and moved to a different city to be with my husband. Everything was great for the first few years…I learnt to cook meals and clean the house. I was being the ideal wife waiting for hubby to get home from work as I watched serials on TV 🙂


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