A New Doctor, A New Hope

In 2014, my friend recommended a fertility specialist. She has got great reviews, a really nice person and a brilliant doctor she said. This brought up some hope. My hubby’s doctor cousin also recommended her to us.

So finally we met her in October and she was really nice. She seemed knowledgeable and kind. Looking at my age (35) she said I shouldn’t lose further time and that my eggs reserve were just ok but will diminish with time. After the first scan she suggested an IUI the same month. We agreed but I had this nagging doubt that it won’t work. And it didn’t. Hi BFN.

Following month doctor suggested that we remove the tiny polyp in my uterus which could cause obstruction. We readily agreed to that too. Next day I underwent a hysteroscopy, polypectomy and a D&C. This was the first surgery of my life and thank God it went well.

The next meeting with doctor was somewhat positive. She said my egg reserves look good, endometrium layer is good. Only going by my age she would suggest IVF  but otherwise I still have time she said.

After a long time I heard something positive.


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