No Positive Sign

Hubby and I both had full time jobs that kept us busy, but our nest was still empty.

My periods were always late, sometimes 40 days.. every month hubby would raise his hopes only to be disappointed. While I was hopeful too but I wouldn’t get my hopes so high and besides I would feel PMS symptoms which would tell me this month is not going to be it.

I used to get horrible cramps even back in school and college. I would usually miss college/ work on the first day. Sometimes at work I would have to lie down in the wellness room after taking a pain killer.

Someone suggested ayurvedic medicines to help us conceive. We consulted an ayurvedic doctor couple. We underwent a panchakarma treatment and a course of medicine for more than 6 months. The doctor himself gave up and said we should try artificial method of conception given our age. This was very unusual for a doctor to himself give up on his patients.

Few months afterwards a couple friend suggested we see a homoeopath who had helped them conceive. We had to travel to a different city to consult him and get the medicines. Later on would get the medicines couriered home after consulting over the phone. 2 pills 4 times a day or sometimes 3 pills 3 times a day… we did this for 1.5 years. but to no avail.


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