Our Expensive Experience of Failure

The one good thing that came out of the homoeopathic medicines were that my menstrual cramps reduced and hubby’s count increased.

I consulted a famous gynaecologist this time. She did all the hormone tests and a physical examination. Everything looked fine except for my TSH. She referred us to an infertility specialist. That was a mistake.

This infertility specialists were actually a couple who managed to fleece many patients. We didn’t know it until then.  The gynaecologist wife suggested IUI which we readily agreed to. I underwent many scans and injections and finally the IUI resulted in a big fat negative.

Next month we repeated the same thing again to see a BFN. The andrologist husband suggested some supplements for hubby which actually had a negative impact on his count and motility. We lost our trust in the doctors and gave up. It was an expensive experience and got us nothing.

In the meantime I got my tube test (very painful, I must say) which came out clear. No problems there, thank God. But still we had nothing to show.


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