Side Effects of Infertility

As if Infertility and childlessness wasn’t bad enough, it brings with it so many side effects.
For example, social. As many childless women can tell, socialising is now a nightmare.

Friends and cousins my age were all announcing pregnancies, throwing birthday parties, baby showers and I would be asking myself -Why me? When is my turn going to come? Will my turn ever come? Will I die childless? Will my husband leave me and remarry for his desire for progeny is so great? What sin did I commit to be left out of the parenting privilege ?

Effects on marriage. Hubby’s patience is growing thin. He’s blaming me for our situation. What can I say? I have little interest in things, even sex. It seems like a chore now and that which isn’t going to produce anything. I feel like a failed wife, I hate that my body isn’t co operating with my desire.

Personal: I am not the person I used to be some years ago. I have no hobbies, no job, no friends who will understand. I don’t feel like taking up any new hobbies or interests. I have only one thing on my mind – BABY. I don’t know when it will happen, I don’t know how but I can’t think of anything else.


2 thoughts on “Side Effects of Infertility

  1. Oh gosh! I am Sailing in the same boat. After six years of marriage and five years of convincing ourselves that nothing is wrong with us finally we are taking baby steps towards the assisted reproductive techniques…I was never brave enough to get these feelings out of my mind and share with others……it feels like you’ve put across in words all my anguish and fears!…May God give you enough strength to face all these and end up with a beautiful baby in ur arms… Sending so many prayers and positive thoughts along ur way!


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