Today some of my cousins had a baby shower for my sister in law. Oh did I mention, my brother got married only last year and on the way to become a father.

Anyway for some reason I couldn’t attend the shower. But I was depressed the whole day. I went to the park for a walk in the evening. Annoyingly enough the park is full of parents with their toddlers. I wondered if I will ever get pregnant. Will I ever know the joy of becoming a mother. Will I ever have the experience of parenting. My hubby confessed that he too was depressed due to our infertility.

I am seeing my doctor tomorrow. She said we’ll do a natural cycle IUI this month. Am not sure….


2 thoughts on “Depressed

  1. Baby showers are hard. I avoid them. I’ve actually never been to one on out seven year (So far) infertiity journey. It’s hard being in places where everyone seems to have kids. So easy to feel left out. Like you, I question whether I will get pregnant. Like you, I’ve experienced people getting pregnant who got married way after we did. The hardest for me to deal with have been the “oops” pregnancies. Sometimes I just need to take a bit of distance for my own sanity. I’ve learnt a lot of coping mechanisms I guess.


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