This baby making obsession has got to me. DH is most obsessed. We hardly talk or think about anything else. It’s become an all consuming issue.

I am jealous of those who are happy, who are blessed with children or are pregnant. It’s coming out in different ways.

Also, since I left my job and seeing the mounting medical expenses, I am becoming money minded. I am trying to save even small amounts. I worry about sometimes not earning but I am caught in this vicious circle of not in a good mind so unable to get a job and again feeling bad.

I pray for my peace of mind. I think having a baby is the only solution for my condition.


4 thoughts on “Disturbed

  1. Please do write to me with details ! With all the sadness, you are not focussing on how to get the baby you most desire. I can be of some help. I have told this now several times.


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