Day 37 and negative UPT

Yesterday was day 37. I went to see my doctor to get an IVF done next month. I tested in the morning and my UPT was negative. I was sure about that because I didn’t feel anything different.

Scan revealed endo of 13mm and 5-6 small follicles in both ovaries. It was surprising that there’s no egg ready to pop out. Maybe I didn’t ovulate last month at all.

Anyway, doc has put me on progesterone for 5 days just in case…. If I test negative again after a week, I should see her on day 2 of my period with blood test reports to start IVF right away. No birth control pills this time because I produced few eggs during my last IVF.

So, it’s just wait and watch. When the follicles are that small, I wonder how long away is my period.



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