I turned 37 last month. Will be completing 8 years of married life tomorrow and also 8 years of trying to have a baby. So, yay….

Yesterday Aunt Flo came in….DH was upset….

I realised something… I am upset about infertility but I think I can live with it. What I can’t live without is DH’s support. He snapped at me quite a few times yesterday and today. That hurt more than my cramps, irritability and painful period.

Worst comes to worst, I think I will reconcile to the fact that we may never become parents, but I fear DH can’t come to terms with it.

Both of us feel like such failures. Especially since recently DH’s cousin had his second baby and we both got married around the same time. Don’t feel like celebrating our anniversary. I am thinking it’s anniversary, nothing ‘happy’ about it.


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